Breast Enlargement in Turkey

Barış Yiğit

Patients can start fluid intake 6 hours after the surgery. In operations performed in the morning, the patient can be discharged on the same day. Patients usually return home the day after the surgery. For the first week, you should lie on your back. It is useful to limit side turns.

Breast Lift in Turkey

The patient is allowed to take a shower 2 days after the operation. In this period, the first dressing of the patient is done. On the 2nd day after the surgery, the patient is put on a sports bra after the dressing is opened and the dressing is done. This bra should be worn day and night for 3 weeks.

The first 4 days after the operation is the period when complications are most intense. Edema, tension and possible color changes are seen during this period and it is recommended to spend this period resting. These complications begin to subside and pass at the end of a week. A few days after the operation, the person can drive and return to social and business life. After the 8th week, patients can also return to sports such as fitness, tennis and swimming.

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