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Are You a Member of Gen Z Spending Too Much on Your Housing?

Across the United States, inflation is pushing monthly expenses higher and higher. More expensive downtowns, less affordable housing developments and more single-family homes have contributed to the current situation. The increase puts members of Gen Z in a unique situation. Many young Americans live with parents or other relatives, in some cases with grandparents. Others opt for “dorms for adults.” And even more are forced to spend beyond their means.

For years, people have been going by the decades-old adage that they should allocate 30 percent of their monthly income toward their living expenses. For many, it ends up determining where they live, whether they have roommates and more. But with today’s rapid inflation and skyrocketing home prices, that proportion, which has its origins in legislation from the 1980s, might not cut it. We want to hear from young homeowners and renters about their experiences.

The New York Times is interested in hearing from members of Gen Z, those born between 1997 and 2012, on how they allocate their monthly expenses. Do you spend more than half of your paycheck on rent? Are you able to put money into savings? Are you recently living on your own and finding that living costs are higher than anticipated?

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